After finishing my Ph.D. and after the period of Postdoc at BT Innovate in Adastral Park. In the sleepy and bike friendly town of Ipswich (UK); I moved to the United Arab Emirates, precisely in Abu Dhabi, where BT has opened a joint research and innovation centre.
I have to admin I was not very keen on moving here when they offered me the position, but after more than one year now I have to say that is not bad at all.
Research we are carrying out there is at the level of BT, if not even higher. Colleagues are from all around the world and the research projects are extremely interesting.
However, after some time that i do not update my old website, I decided to open a new one using freely available web hosts.
I was surfing around yesterday and I discovered in my Google Chrome start page a new section called applications, with a nice web applications store that could be used to search and install applications and extensions into Google Chrome.
I found very nice apps I have to say, one of them I am using it for this website.
And suddenly my memory went back to the last years of secondary school, the first years of Internet in Italy, the first years of Google search engine.
Particularly to recall 1995's vision of network computer that during that period was something very odd.
At that period there was a big focus on performances, storage capabilities and talking about computers without big amount of memory and storage data that were using applications stored online did not get much credit.
Now this vision seems to become a reality: the era of grid and cloud computing together with massively shared information and fast broadband, provide now the starting point for a  new revolution.
No matter what you use to get online (smatphone, tablet, pc,...) the applications are there and you can use them from everywhere. And it does not surprise now Google talking about their new operating system that will access all the applications online. Having seen the Google Web applications store you can see that thing are going into the direction of ubiquitous computing. Sooner or later most of the people will not own their data but this will be stored somewhere around the world. This raises a plethora of ethic questions that only the time will answer: What will happen to the privacy? What will happens in case these companies will go bankrupt? What will happen in case of governments asking access to data? Personally I am just enjoying this revolution and all the new research fields that now this will open: as an example Social Intelligence applied to Geography: NeoGeography.